What Information Does the CHANEL Bag Date Code Reveal?

Your CHANEL bag’s date code doesn’t just reveal its date of production. Although date codes are generally used for identifying the age of the bag, each code is also unique to the CHANEL bag they are imprinted on. Authenticators generally use date codes to verify the authenticity of a CHANEL bag that’s brought to them. Date codes are immensely valuable, especially if you’re looking to dabble in the used CHANEL bags market.


Date codes were introduced by CHANEL during the 80s. They are also known as hologram stickers or serial numbers. Every purse, wallet, and bag produced by CHANEL has a unique hologram sticker printed on them.

How to know when my CHANEL handbag was made

You can use the product date code for finding out your bag’s age. CHANEL has the following system:

All bags made in 2020 come with an eight-digit unique date code, starting with 30. For instance, they all look like 30XXXXXX.

Bags made in 2019 come with date codes that start with 29, 28, or 27.

The official CHANEL website has more information regarding these dates, which you can use to verify your bag’s age.

A Completely Unique Identifier

It’s not just a simple date code – this hologram sticker serves as a unique serial number, which belongs only to your bag. Every piece from CHANEL comes with a unique serial number, thus making it easy to identify fake bags. Many counterfeiters copy the hologram stickers, which are slapped onto counterfeit products. However, an original piece has a completely unique serial number. The hologram sticker can be incredibly useful to people who frequently purchase pre-owned CHANEL bags since it’s an easy and straightforward indicator of the quality of the product.

Authenticity Card and Date Code

When you purchase a product from an official CHANEL store, your products have an official authenticity card attached to them. These cards contain codes that match the imprinted serial number on the bag.

Many people who favor pre-owned CHANEL bags mistakenly believe that all bags without an authenticity card are fake. But that’s not true. Most people have no intention of selling their CHANEL bags in the future when they buy one, and so, often misplace or throw away their authenticity card. While having an authentication card does eliminate a lot of headaches if you’re listing it on the secondhand market, experts have other ways to verify a bag’s authenticity as well. Skilled luxury handbag authenticators have an array of tools at their disposal to analyze bags from several different angles to verify its origins.

Verify Your CHANEL Bag’s Authenticity

Just like we mentioned earlier, the product date code on a CHANEL bag has a huge role to play in determining whether it’s a genuine product or just a rip-off. The product serial number is not absolute confirmation of its authenticity though. However, it does help authenticators affirm their conclusions about the bag. With counterfeiters mastering the process of manufacturing fake bags that look just like the real thing, the serial number alone cannot be relied upon for verification purposes.

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