How To Check Your CHANEL Bag’s Serial Number Online

You may be interested in knowing that the unique serial number of your favorite CHANEL bag can reveal quite a lot of information regarding it. In this article, we’ll see whether it’s possible to verify a CHANEL bag’s serial number on the Internet.

Is It Possible to Verify a CHANEL bag’s serial number on the official website?

As a matter of fact, CHANEL doesn’t have a service where you can check and compare serial numbers. CHANEL’s website does not have any feature where you can verify your bag’s serial number. Even physical stores are not equipped to verify the serial numbers of CHANEL handbags. The only possible way to verify your CHANEL bag’s authenticity is with the help of a 3rd party expert who specializes in such services. In general, it is quite difficult to confirm the legitimacy of a CHANEL bag without its hologram sticker.

CHANEL Hologram Stickers

CHANEL bags come with hologram stickers, which is among the best ways to verify the genuineness of the bag. These hologram stickers are also known as CHANEL authentication codes in the industry. CHANEL hologram stickers are used for a variety of purposes, including determining the age of the bag and its authenticity.

Over the last few decades, several changes have been made to the appearance of these serial numbers. You’ll find a world of difference between holograms on vintage CHANELhandbags and newly launched styles. CHANEL standardized its hologram stickers at the beginning of the 21st century, which has led to these date codes remaining largely the same since then.

Vintage CHANEL handbags often do not have hologram stickers on them due to their tendency to peel away easily. Decades of usage can wear away the fragile and small sticker. While not having a hologram sticker is not a guaranteed sign of a fake product, you do have to be cautious with such products.

The hologram serial number may peel off due to a variety of reasons. Daily usage of the bag may result in your belongings being consistently rubbed against the hologram, which causes the corners to peel away. Once the corners have started loosening up, it’s only a matter of time before the entire sticker comes off by accident. Additionally, the residue glue on the corners generally attracts dirt and dust, causing the sticker to start peeling off quickly.

Are All CHANEL bags without serial numbers fake?

Though the lack of a hologram handbag sticker is not a guarantee of the handbag being fake, it’s wise to stay away from such bags. Determining a used CHANEL bag’s authenticity is a difficult task. If the bag belongs to a recent style, you have more cause to be worried, since the stickers on the latest models have been specifically designed to withstand accidental peeling.

The endurance and quality of these hologram serial number stickers have improved considerably over the last few years. Only vintage CHANEL bags suffer from the issue of peeling hologram stickers. It’s pretty rare for hologram stickers of bags belonging to this generation to peel away due to the stringent measures put in place by CHANEL to prevent such accidents from taking place.

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