The luxury market has always fascinated me.

It was on a journey to Tokyo that I realized the greatness of the Preloved market and how this market could be glamorous. Glamor is essential in luxury.

And so Luxury Next Live was born. An online store where the authenticity and quality of products is essential and the glamorous way of presenting them is extremely important.

Everything the preloved market allows is no less important. We found items that were sold out, that become iconic or that were used by Carrie from “Sex and the City”. The environment thanks us for extending life to these items that are eternal and fest fashion finds an obstacle here. And in the middle of contributing to the economy, for the environment we find dream products with a much more pleasant price.

The fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment, and this is certainly true when it comes to designer fashion. Buying second hand allows you to save a pre-loved bag and give it a second chance at life.  

Preloved is not Unloved

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